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Huzarensalade: Dutch Huzaren Salad

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Served in summer but also popular during winter holidays

ccompaniment to the Dutch 12 o’clock lunch dish. It is also eaten as a side-dish with barbecues, you can sometimes order it at a snackbar, and it is commonly served as a buffet dish and pretty garnished at Christmas or New Year’s Eve (and sometimes at other parties with a buffet as well). It is similar to the salads that are commonly called Olivier salad and Russian salad in other countries, but not completely. Huzaren salad is named after the salad the Huzaren (Hussars) made.Hussars were Hungarian light cavalry, who went on exploratory missions behind enemy lines. Of course, they should not be noticed by the enemy, so making fire was no option. Therefore they took precooked food that they mixed on the spot to make a cold salad: huzaren salad.